Monday, 30 December 2013

How I made a Fairy tale story using MCS and CAP2 software

Once I saw the artwork "Fairy Land" that My Craft Studio came out with recently, I knew that it would be ideal to create a story book type thing for my daughter's boyfriends neice for her birthday which is coming up soon and decided that it would be titled "Sophia's Fairy Tale"

I also saw that Craft Artist Professional 2 had some Fantasy/fairy tale digikits which would come in useful too - I have to admit that though I do like the My Craft Studio Elite, to do the actual designing and creating the pages, I keep on coming back to CAP2 - it has everything you need in one area and is full of other options that I keep on discovering!

Now I had to decide if there was to be any words - again I thought it would be nice if the story involved her name so she could feel as if she was the girl in the story!

And so...

Looking at the designs that My Craft Studio produced, I decided  on which ones I would use and so then created individual pages to allow her to colour them in with a couple of pre-coloured ones included to add a bit more interest to the story and came up with the following pages....

As you can see, I made them all 8 x 8 inches square so that they were big enough for her to colour in (she is only 3 years old) and then tied them all up with a pink ribbon - I then put them in an envelope with her name on and VOILA a story book that I hope will be different and one that she will like....

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